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    Inflammation near anal region is called piles. It occurs around the anal canal that is covered by blood vessels, tissues and fibers. It is painful and also bleeds while passing stools. Majority of the population suffers from piles. It is also called as hemorrhoids. There are various reasons that cause piles. It occurs when the muscles are strained while passing stool. The muscles and veins are inflamed when the pressure is put on anal canal while passing stool. Piles  tells various causes for hemorrhoids that are constipation, pregnancy, excess pressure on anal canal, etc. Once the symptoms are deliberately seen you should consult piles doctor. Majority of the people in  vicinity suffer from piles. They face several problems and due to lack of knowledge about the piles There are many doctors who treat piles.


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      piles symptoms 

    bulging tissue from the rectrum

    Difficulty cleaning after bowel movement

    Soiling of underwear

    anal and rectal itching

    rectal bleeding

    anal pain


    Introducing Vedas cure Treatment


    • Treats Piles
    • 100% Ayurvedic
    • Treats Constipation
    • Improves digestive system
    • treat gastric problem
    • Corrects stiffness of the stomach


    When to see a Doctor?

    Vedascure is a well-known clinic that has been gaining the trust of their clients for a long time. Now you can also contact them. Yes, ‘Free of cost consultation’ is provided by Vedascure. You can contact them and get advice from their best specialists and experts.